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Does Paid Search Have a Place in Your Marketing Strategy?

Search Engine Marketing presents an interesting  and unfamiliar new territory for many practices. Paid search marketing has taken hold in almost every industry, and is slowly making headway in dental. We’re seeing a number of larger muli-point practices enter the paid search arena, which naturally begs the question: Should your practice be doing paid search? The answer is… it depends. I think …

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5 Things Your Website Needs Now

Your website has to become part of your evolving marketing strategy. This means that your should evaluate and update your website as often as you change your marketing messages. If you’re site has been sitting untouched for months, not only are you missing out on SEO value, but you could be missing opportunities to build relationships and drive new business. …

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3 Tips For Google Places

Some experts argue that your Google Places page may be as important as your practice website. While I’m not quite sure it’s that important, there is no doubt that it’s importance to the digital marketing strategy of your practice has increased by an order of magnitude in the past 18 months. I’ll outline 3 basic tips here for leveraging the …

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The Power of Pinterest

Hopefully by now you’ve heard of Pinterest. If not, you need to check it out right now. Don’t worry, I know we won’t see you back here for an hour. It’s ok, I’ll wait. Good, welcome back. Crazy, right? The popularity on the online pin board has exploded in recent months. Even you aren’t on it, your patients are. They’re …

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