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5 Things Your Website Needs Now

Your website has to become part of your evolving marketing strategy. This means that your should evaluate and update your website as often as you change your marketing messages. If you’re site has been sitting untouched for months, not only are you missing out on SEO value, but you could be missing opportunities to build relationships and drive new business. Below are 5 things you can to with your website today to help right the ship.

1 – Current Staff List

Staff photos and brief bios can help build and solidify the relationship your patients have with your practice. Unfortunately, many practices have badly outdated lists. Log on (or call your provider) and removed staff members who aren’t with the practice anymore and get the camera out to get photos of anybody new.

2 – Update Your Specials

No specials listed? Add them. Outdated special? Updated it. If you don’t have current specials listed on your website you’re missing out on a huge opportunity for new patient acquisition. If you’re not sure where to start, try something seasonal. Whitening specials are great this time of year as we head into wedding season.

3 – Patient Testimonials

We know how important word of mouth is to your practice. You probably have something that says “We Love Referrals” on it. It’s time to take that online. Identify a few longtime patients and send them and email asking if they would mind writing a few sentences about their experience with your practice. Ask their permission to use that online. You’ll be surprised by how many people write glowing reviews. Put those online!

4 – List Payment Options

Many practices are weary of discussing payment and finance options. The fact is that it’s information your patients want to know. If you accept Care Credit, let prospective patients know — it could be the difference. Also don’t be afraid to talk insurance. This is a good opportunity to let patients know you will work with them as a courtesy.

5 – Online Scheduling

This might not be something you can tackle yourself, but most providers (including FDG) are able to build online schedulers that integrate with many tools you may already use. If you use the D3 product from DemandForce, we can build schedule forms on your web and mobile sites that are directly integrated with your DemandForce Dashboard.

That’s it! Not so bad. Use these 5 things as a starting point to get your website rolling in the right direction. If you need help, call your vendor. If you don’t have a vendor or are looking for a change, feel free to contact us.

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