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Asking for the Review

One thing I consistently see practices struggle with is generating online reviews on review sites that really matter (Google+ Local). There’s no doubt that for many patients, the idea of going home after their visit and spending 5 minutes at their computer to write a review of your practice isn’t exactly an easy sell.

But here’s the secret…

Ask for the review!

100% of the patients 100% of the time is what I recommend. If you’re not asking each an every patient for a review, you’re missing two huge opportunities:

  1. The Review Itself – Obvious, right? If you don’t ask the patient for a review, you probably won’t get one. No surprise there. But it means that you really have to ask for it!
  2. Feedback – Just before you ask the patient to share their experience, you need to ask them how their visit was and if you could have done anything better. This gives you an excellent opportunity to gather valuable feedback about how your patients feel about their visit. You’ll get some really good stuff this way.

“Mr. Smith, how was your visit today?

This question is critical. It accomplishes two things. The first being the above mentioned opportunity to collect the patient feedback that you really need. Secondly, when the patient says “Oh, my visit was great.” what we’ve done is made it psychologically more difficult for that patient to post a negative review and we’ve gotten them to state that their visit was good! That’s the first part of the online review!

Looking for more reviews?

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