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It Starts at the Top

Too often we work with businesses with the “Do as I say, not as I do.” management mentality. And time and time again we see these practices fail to embrace the any of the progressive changes we try to implement. The reason sounds simple when you say it out loud… But management must start at the top. Small business owners …

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Asking for the Review

One thing I consistently see practices struggle with is generating online reviews on review sites that really matter (Google+ Local). There’s no doubt that for many patients, the idea of going home after their visit and spending 5 minutes at their computer to write a review of your practice isn’t exactly an easy sell. But here’s the secret… Ask for …

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5 Things Your Website Needs Now

Your website has to become part of your evolving marketing strategy. This means that your should evaluate and update your website as often as you change your marketing messages. If you’re site has been sitting untouched for months, not only are you missing out on SEO value, but you could be missing opportunities to build relationships and drive new business. …

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