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Digital marketing solutions from Feely Design Group drive patient acquisition and retention.

Website Support Packages

Even if we didn’t design or develop your website, we can host and maintain it. We offer comprehensive ongoing service options for everything from simple hosting to managed SEO, social media, and on-site training.
FDG Support Packages

Basic Hosting

Basic hosting packages for most sites start at $14.95 per month. If we develop your site, the first 3 months of hosting are included. Is come cases nominal setup fees may apply. For customers enrolled in Support 360°, the basic hosting fee is waived.

Tech Support

All support packages include basic technical support. This includes things like resetting passwords, creating new user account, etc. Tech support does not include design or development, though any customer enrolled in a support package receives discounted rates on hourly work.

Safe & Secure

All FDG support packages include regular website scans and security updates. These scans and updates are offered as a convenience to our customers, and FDG does not guarantee the security of safety of any site (but we try our best to keep the bad guys out).

Little Edits

Little edits are work items that can reasonably be performed in less than 15 minutes. Basically what we’re saying here, is that if you have a very minor tweak to your website, we don’t want to bill you for it. For bigger changes, we would be happy to provide a statement of work.


We leverage powerful analytic tools for all of our client’s sites. Analytics data provided invaluable customer information. We’d love to show you how you can use these data to improve and measure your marketing and other sales efforts.

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